• Medical titanium alloy and its powder

    Titanium alloy has low density, good mechanical properties and excellent corrosion resistance.

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  • Bulk amorphous alloy

    The biggest advantage of amorphous alloys is that they are easy to form. They also have high strength, high hardness, no plasticity, weak magnetism, high density, good fluidity, wear-resistance, corrosion resistance and impact resistance.

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  • Additive manufacturing powder-18Ni300

    The 18Ni300 is a low carbon martensite aging steel with better strength, toughness and wear resistance than conventional steel.

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  • Medical cobalt chrome alloy and powder

    Cobalt-chromium alloy has high strength, strong corrosion resistance, no magnetism and better biocompatibility than traditional nickel-chromium alloy.

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  • Nanocrystalline metal and alloy

    Nanocrystalline alloy is composed of multiple elements in the alloy by rapid solidification process of a kind of amorphous materials, the amorphous material can be obtained after heat treatment are dispersed in the amorphous matrix, known as microcry

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  • Custom powder

    Pangu new metal is committed to the r&d and production of new metal and its powder. It has independent core intellectual property rights and provides personalized and customized services for high-performance metal and powder.

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  • Medical stainless steel powder

    Stainless steel has good corrosion resistance and excellent mechanical properties.

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The performance of amorphous alloys

It is the hotspot of research in material science, equipped with the structural characteristics of disorder in long-range, and orderly in short-term.

The application field of amorphous alloys

Compared with traditional crystal alloy, amorphous alloys has better physical performance, chemical performance and mechanical performance. It enjoys excellent application future in astronomy, intensive mechanics, automobiles, Medicare and luxury goods.


处理非晶合金是具有挑战性的,因为它是高活性氧熔融 状态。因此,非晶合金必须迅速处理,在高度控制真空。


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